couples holiday party

couples holiday party
we couldn’t come to town without having a party
with all of our friends…it was so busy over the
holidays that we picked a date to just have
everyone together. we did a sugar cookie
bar, hot chocolate, and played games.
i made this recipe and it was great as usual!
i’m kind of a sucker for this butcher paper 
food bar idea, like i did for a shower here.
surprisingly it was the boys who liked the 
cookie bar the most, all packed around it. ^^ 
^^ we got the best news from anna & randy..
they came early and had us open this envelope!
i SCREAMED so loud! i am so so excited! cutest parents.
we were snap happy with the photos because we
never see these people so i have to document!
we laughed hard and stayed up lateeeee.
we missed some friends who couldn’t make
it, but we found other times to see them too :
loved our brunch with the fowlers and
brynn’s darling quote she gave me ^^
we miss quality time with friends from home! ^^time with baby rocky + di & ted is the best. ^^i think we WON our white elephant 
party by bringing this gem ^^i also got to see ashley, who ended my streak of not
getting my hair cut for 1.5 years when i went to get 
it done by her! nice to have a BFF who does hair :)
she trimmed it + curled it and she is amazing! ^^^^ and cafe rio with this great crew.
there’s nothing like friends from home.
we love them all!