avila beach and the best burgers

avila beach and the best burgers
 living in california, i’ve become a big fan of the little
beach towns all along the coast. they all have their own
personality while still having the classic CA vibe. 
last weekend while in san luis obispo with friends, we had to
visit the beach town nearby. avila is so close that it’s basically
SLO’s beach that everyone goes to. it’s a charmer, and feels so
unknown — like only locals are there. it’s slow-paced and 
and absolutely beautiful. we walked around for a few hours 
until it started to get chilly in the afternoon after a hot day.
^^ love this friend & this pretty blue water
^^ chase’s copter camera sure gets us pretty aeriel views!
^^ it also gives me scares when he does crazy things
like fly it under the pier between these columns..
^^ they sent the drone SO high in the sky, you can barely
see chase & dusty on the left. it went a lot higher, so that
we couldn’t even see it! love their landing pictures :)
this old rickety pier goes forever. we all talked about piers
as we walked down it and started looking up facts about
them and why they started, etc. haha great conversation.
once the clouds rolled in and we had our fill of the beach, 
we left for a little nap at our hotel { i told you we slowed 
down this weekend!} and then we were starving and ready 
to eat. good thing we headed straight to eureka burger!
this california burger chain is really popular all over, and 
we were excited to try the san luis obispo location. it was a 
perfect night for burgers after a long day of hiking, beaching,
and with lots of football on! it was such a fun atmosphere.
alfredo mac appetizer + unique bruschetta ^^
love these dinner dates…haha excuse the fact that chase
is watching football and forgot to look for the picture! ^^we tried such unique food from the fig burger to a bison
burger to a steak salad…the menu is amazing! also, 
notice the honey dripping down the fry cup? that’s 
because their fries are honey cinnamon sweet potato.
yes. my mouth is watering just thinking of that combo.
so amazing! this is no regular burger joint — it’s gourmet!
we watched our utes football game vs. oregon in the
restaurant which was fun until midway through the meal
when the craziest and worst play ever happened —– truly
i’ve never seen anything like it. we almost cried! good
thing we had the amazing food to drown our sorrows in :) 
and our waitress was the sweetest person who was also
cheering for our utes just for us! still a fun place to watch. ^^ we finished off with some warm apple crisp, just
how i like to end a fall day. {and then had some more
cookies back at our hotel as we played lots of games
and tried to forget about the football game…}
thanks for welcoming us, eureka!
what a saturday.

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