riding the “skunk train”

riding the “skunk train”
the “skunk train…” when you first hear this name, 
you might be a tad confused. however…it doesn’t 
smell like a skunk, it’s fun, and it’s a unique thing to do 
right in fort bragg! it is an old logging train that goes 
all through the redwoods (tall TALL trees) on an 
old-fashioned, fun train ride. the skunk train got
it’s name because of the train fumes that would 
blow up the canyon ahead of the train, making it so 
villagers in the next town over would smell the  
train before they saw it — so they nicknamed it 
the skunk train…and the name stuck! … it
doesn’t smell like a skunk, don’t worry! :)
here’s a little recap of our outing from
fort bragg —> to northspur and back.

^^ tickets for 4. all aboard!

^^ the conductors are full of knowledge.
this guy has been doing it for so long and
told so many interesting stories & historical 
tid-bits…AKA chase’s very favorite thing
to listen to. i love his love for history.

^^ look at these surroundings…..!!!!!
you know the times when you’re out
traveling and seeing something so amazing,
you can’t get over it and just keep saying..
“look! wow!” … that was me this entire ride.

^^ you can walk between all of the cars,
go to the meal car and get snacks, or go
out to the outdoor platform (our favorite)

^^ there’s my husband again, standing as close to
the conductor as possible so he can hear as 
much of the history as possible…typical :)

^^ and even more typical: becoming friends with him!

the light coming through these trees…
really? have you seen something more
stunning? i was staring up the entire time.

^^ a quick stop to walk through the redwoods
at northspur, get lunch, and of course take a picture
at the bottom of this GIANT redwood tree.

^^ going through the tunnel, love this shot!

three cheers for the skunk train!
seriously, we love things like this
and we really had the best ride. it 
was new, unique, relaxing, beautiful,
and felt like we were going back in time.
i love how close it is to the bay area…definitely
a great reason to come up for the weekend! 
 we had a great time on the skunk train
and i think you should go now too!


ps..we took some good footage, so a
video of this and our trip is coming!

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