i love him because…

i love him because…
happy sunday! today we listened to our church’s
general conference and it always makes me want
to be a little better, a little more grateful, a little
more loving, a little more appreciative. one
favorite quote from this year’s conference was
about not just loving each other more, but
loving each other better. this is something
i want to improve and something chase 
does so well. so i have to post some reasons i
 have especially loved my sweet husband 
as of late…he is such a good man and 
takes the best care of me. i want him 
to know i appreciate him and i want
to remember all the little things he
does that make up the big things to me!
  • this week he picked me up from a looong day of work with an umbrella, a kiss, and salted caramel hot chocolate in the pouring rain. (yes salted caramel hot chocolate is as good as it sounds.)


  • this immediate response…perks of having a husband:
  • he makes me a better person. for example: we live right on a busy city street and constantly hear horns honking, trolley bells, and sirens. the other night he turned to me and said that every time he hears a siren or a horn, instead of it annoying him he thinks of a positive word…like love or happiness or the gospel and focuses on that. i just smiled and but ever since when i hear sirens, instead of getting anxious i think “love…love…love” and focus on how i can better love that day. it’s the best thing! he really teaches me how to be a better person and turn negative things into positives.
  • he runs with me…and held my hand for a mile of our run a few weeks ago because i needed it that day.
  • he explores with me. i’m so happy i married someone with a love for discovering and learning new things constantly. our new tiny studio makes us spend more time out and about and although we feel like we’ve already seen so much of san francisco, he always finds new things to take me to see.
  • last week we were both really busy working (me on grad school and him on work) and as we sat working on our laptops next to each other, he said “i’m setting a timer for every minute so that you kiss me every minute even though we’re busy and working.” i just laughed at him but he meant it! his little iphone song went off every 60 seconds and he turned and kissed me. it sounds dumb but it was the best and i think my capstone paper is way better because of this :)
those are just a few little reasons i love him.

and, just because i’m feeling nostalgic…

i just found this old boating picture 
from when we were first dating:
can you blame me for falling in love 
with that face? sweetest boy!

here’s to loving not only more, but better.
thanks for being my example of that chase!

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