favorite podcasts

favorite podcasts
who here listens to podcasts?
i’m raising my hand. i love them.
i’ve hooked chase on them too.
i’ve been commuting the past month
(only 1.5 more months to go!) and my love
for them has rekindled. today i have a flight, so
as i loaded podcasts on my phone this morning
i thought… why not share some favorites here?
for a long time i had no idea what these were or why
people listened to them, but when i lived in london and
commuted for an hour on the tube each day…and then
in DC commuting on the metro each day, i started to rely on
them as my daily entertainment while riding the underground.
i love music, but podcasts can be a nice change because you learn
while listening! you can just download them free from itunes, and
have them to listen to while running, commuting, taking a tub,
driving, anything! here are some of my favorites..what are yours?
I’d love to know if any of you have tried launching your own podcasts or have given a thought on how to start a podcast. I think you must have a very creative mind to produce shows like that, and lots of effort clearly goes into each one of them. Therefore, it seems a shame if, after all that, very few people end up listening to them.
The key to raising listener ship is marketing. If you’d like to learn more about marketing your show, you’ll be able to find plenty of information on the subject online.
favorite podcasts
  • wait wait…don’t tell me! {NPR} this is my very favorite..it’s like a news quiz with people who call in, a hilarious panel, and celebrity judges. usually i never miss one week! listen to an episode or two and see if you like it. the quiz at the end is my favorite, i always try to see if i know all the answers..it tells me if i’ve been keeping up with the news or not!
  • this american life {NPR} another famous NPR podcast hosted by the famous ira glass. it can be hit-or-miss depending on the topic, but there are some great ones. they basically choose a topic or theme for each episode, and then delve deep into it. it has some amazing storied and interviews. i have listened to this american life before and been so engrossed in it, i didn’t even know where i was!
  • stuff you should know this is also a FAVORITE. even my husband loves this one. the two hosts, josh and clark, are hilarious together and basically have the most fun job ever. they have a random topic every episode that they have every piece of research and detail on..and they go into it and explain how things work.
  • new york times: front page for those with less time, this is a quick rundown & recap of the front page stories of the NY times that day. it doesn’t go too in-depth, but gives you a basic knowledge of that day’s news.
  • pardon the interruption {ESPN} sports lovers, this is your podcast. it’s such a good one to get a funny + entertaining rundown of the sports world. it’s a show on ESPN, but offered as a podcast too. sometimes i’m not in the mood for the yelling and dinging bells, but all in all it’s a good one. chase loves it.
  • all things considered {NPR} all things considered is a classic radio show on NPR that has been around forever, and they put it as a podcast as well. the hosts discuss the biggest issues of the day with a lot of insight and thought. it’s interesting and leaves you feeling smart + well-informed. fun fact: all things considered is the most listened-to afternoon drive-time news radio program in the country.
  • tedtalks you can always turn on any one of the many TEDtalk podcasts offered. i LOVE TEDtalks so much and you can never go wrong with these. topics and options are unlimited and you always learn something new.
  • answer me this a really popular podcast in the UK, this one answers listener questions ranging from personal advice, to random questions, to everyday problems. it is pretty funny and just depends on the episode.
  • joy the baker podcast joy the baker writes one of my favorite food blogs. she’s not only an amazing cook, she’s hilarious and like you want to be her bff. she records a podcast about cooking, but it turns into so many other topics and suddenly you feel like you’re at lunch chatting with friends. love it!
  • betty in the sky with a suitcase i just recently discovered this one through a reader. it’s a great one for travel lovers! betty is a flight attendant for a major airline and she records this monthly podcast full of crazy + hilarious stories from flying. it ranges from unruly passengers to crazy-in flight happenings to secrets about flying.
  • planet money podcast {NPR} this one may sound boring, but it’s so educational and savvy about the economy and being smart with your money. once in a while i like to listen to this so i can impress chase with all my financial knowledge :) the suze orman show is also a good one for financial tips.
  • the sporkful podcast this food podcast is amazing and like no other. it literally goes into the most detailed discussions about food, like butter-to-pancake ratio, the ideal shape for a tortilla chip, and more. it’s a good one for people who love to eat! (which should be ALL of you reading this :)
  • general conference i listen to my church’s general conference podcasts to hear the amazing messages and talks again when i am needing some inspiration. they are always just what i need to hear.
  • language podcasts if you’re trying to learn a new language or brush up your skills, search for language podcasts. they can be helpful to listen and improve!

hopefully these podcasts sound entertaining.
give them a listen on your next run,
drive, flight, etc! let me know how
you like them. please let me know
of other good ones i’m missing!