spain + portugal VIDEO!

spain + portugal VIDEO!
after alllll those recaps of our trip,
we are done! and now the fun part…
our video! you can scroll through all of our
posts from spain + portugal 
or see them individually below.
we were so excited for this trip 
for months and months and months,
and it was even more fun than we thought.
it’s a lot of work to plan a trip like that,
so i’ll have some more travel tips
and posts coming soon as well as
our guides to all 4 cities…but for now,
here’s the video! i love documenting
our trips because even after they end
i can still remember and relive them
through pictures and videos like this.
see all posts from the trip here:
thanks for bearing with us as we recapped
our amazing trip little by little! i had
to spread the posts out so it wasn’t all
crammed in there. we love love loved it.
life is beautiful!

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