SF giants half marathon

SF giants half marathon
remember that half marathon training plan i posted a few months ago?
well, i sure hope that helped somebody… because i didn’t even follow my own plan! oops!
between a few weeks in china, going home for a wedding, and spending a week in the tetons…
i failed at training for this race this summer. the most we ran was 8 miles once last month,
so we weren’t the most prepared but we had fun. i felt great miles 1-8, then started hurting the last 5 miles..
but luckily the scenery was so gorgeous running right along the water on the embarcadero that i enjoyed
that instead of thinking about my cramping legs! the best part of this race was the finish…you run into giants
stadium and finish on the field with everybody cheering in the stands! i honestly felt like i was scoring a home
run, haha it was a great finish and made the pricey registration cost worth it. there is nothing better than running
along the embarcadero with the golden gate bridge in the distance. we ran all along the water out to the bridge, and
the turning point was right under the golden gate! pretty fun. we love this city, and we love our friends who ran it with us!
early morning waiting for the race to start!
gorgeous course. love this city.
the race emailed us these funny photos they took, haha i love chase’s the most!
happy finisher!
after recovering and stretching on the giants field we went to brunch with our friends…
then limped our sore legs to the pool for a nice nap.
and, here are some pictures from the race expo the day before, 
which was in the stadium too!
lastly, even though our families live in SLC and couldn’t come support us,
my dad sent us this picture from home decked out in his giants gear to wish us luck! LOVE him!
until the next race! {maybe}

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