father’s day 2013

father’s day 2013
what a memorable father’s day, for a few reasons!
1. because i flew home and surprised my dad (!!!)
2. i got to be with my family
3. because i got to go see my cute in-laws
3. and…because my dad had an emergency tooth extraction at the end of the night! *
phew! definitely memorable!
here are a few snapshots of it:
^^ father’s day dinner outside, {and my dad with a tooth ache that he didn’t know was escalating! Thank goodness he knows plenty of dental professionals. He was planning to go to a Dentist in Greene for his next appointment but as it was such short notice he had to go to someone a little closer, I’m so glad he was able to get it sorted.} ^^
^^ the view from my parent’s driveway…it doesn’t get much better! ^^
^^ one of the best parts of coming home = the food. mom’s rolls, plank salmon,
amazing salad and corn, mushroom rice, and my honey cinnamon peach cobbler for
dessert! {my brothers ate half of it before i could snap this picture!} ^^
^^ the cutest niece and nephew, stripped down just to diapers by the end of the night ^^
^^ some games of ping pong happened, as always ^^

^^ a little video of father’s day at home ^^

^^ and from father’s day morning, where i had balloons, a poster, and a big surprise {myself}
waiting for my cute dad! i got him this cute green tie sugar cookie, and chase
and i picked out this cool mug that looks like a camera lens! perfect for him since
he loves photography! i made him oatmeal banana chocolate chip pancakes and
a pina colada green smoothie and he was a happy dad! ^^
**after our fun breakfast, church, a walk, and dinner, my dad hadn’t told us that he had a toothache that was slowly getting worse. he had his dentist friend numb his mouth in the afternoon so he could make an appointment for monday, but halfway through dinner all of a sudden the pain really hit the high point and he couldn’t even see it hurt so bad! so, he called his Dentist in Louisville and set up an appointment with an oral surgeon right away. they met at the office, pulled the tooth, cleaned out the infection, stitched him up, and sent him back! he couldn’t enjoy dessert, but we were all still there waiting and we somehow had a great rest of the night! thanks for making it a memorable father’s day, dad! love you!

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