a shower for a best friend

a shower for a best friend
my best friend from high school gets married in one week from today!!!!
i flew home this week so i could throw her a shower, and it was crazy 
getting everything together with just a few days in town before!
abby is the cutest friend, and it was so fun to be able to throw her a shower
{since she threw me the perfect one last year}. it all went great!
i decided to create one big salad bar with all sorts of toppings, 
plus my mom’s rolls, drinks, dessert & ice cream parfaits.
it turned out so fun, and i’m so glad i was able to come in town & throw it!
^^ of course, a little video of the salad bar ^^

after everyone ate, i had abby answer questions and then showed ralph’s filmed responses.
{i had filmed him before}…always fun to see how they do! these two are a perfect match.

{ …the prepping beforehand }

LOVE YOU ABS! so excited for your wedding one week from today!
what are your favorite showers ideas/ games?
i loved this link full of great ideas!

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