rome {part two}: vatican

rome {part two}: vatican
we picked quite a time to visit the vatican,
right when the pope was resigning!
so much for going during the off-season,
but it sure made it more interesting to visit.
^^ entering the vatican museum.. we couldn’t believe how big it was,
or how many famous paintings + frescos were in there! 
raphael, michaelangelo, etc. i had no idea there were so
many other masterpieces along with the sistine chapel!^^
^^ this way to the sistine chapel! ^^
^^ taking pictures despite the NO PICTURES signs ^^
^^ chase got us a personal tour with a priest, who knew SO much
about st. peter’s basilica! we were lucky to get to walk around 
with him for a few hours and learn so much! ^^
^^ swiss guard at the vatican ^^
^^ chase and the two priests who gave us the 
best tour + answered every question ^^
^^ classic picture with the rome polizia ^^
^^ standing in two countries at once! vatican + italy ^^
^^ some great pizza after all the tours ^^
colosseum post coming tomorrow!
*see rome part one post HERE*

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