paris {part two}: montmartre & sacré cœur

paris {part two}: montmartre & sacré cœur
sacré cœur is probably my favorite spot in all of paris..i remember being in awe the very first time i walked up all the steps to it. it is so beautiful how it sits up on top of the hill over paris, with the light bouncing off it, and the incredible view of the city below. the curvy streets of montmarte that surround it are also so magical, and so french. i got my portrait drawn here when i was a little girl, and i’ve always loved coming back and sitting in cafés, watching the artists paint. it’s the best place to buy a souvenir painting too! it is definitely a special place…and even more special now that i got to go back with my hubby! he loved it too.
this time we went in the afternoon, so that we were up at the top
at the perfect time of evening when everything was beautiful.
we took in the view, went into the sacré cœur, and then
strolled montmarte & perused the art before finishing
with an amazing fondue dinner. montmarte was great as always!
^^ best fondue dinner in montmarte ^^
i can still taste that cheese fondue!
if you’re ever in paris, go here for fondue..
and to meet the very french owner, he is a riot!
*don’t worry, a paris guide will be coming eventually!*
more of paris to come! 
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