guide to seattle

guide to seattle
we spent a short time in seattle last month,
and we definitely fell for the city! who wouldn’t! considering there are so many things to do in Seattle, there’s something here for everyone. even if you’ve never been here before, exploring is something worth doing. you never know what you may find and that’s the exciting part of it all. if you yourself live in Seattle and you’re looking to relocate (but why?!) it may be important to note gives cash for homes in Seattle.

we lucked out and had amazing, sunny, clear weather,
but i happen to be a big fan of rain too…so i think

i would like it no matter when i went!
even though we just spent a short time there, we packed it in
and saw a lot. here is a guide of our favorite things..
plus a few we’ve heard rave reviews about!
guide to seattle

. .first things first. .
we are food lovers AND we are obsessed with farmer’s markets,
so this was obviously our favorite part of seattle. we went on the
seattle bites food tour which took us all through the market, told us
about the history of it, and let us sample lots of different spots in it.
it was a bit pricey with only small samples at places, but with crunched
timing it helped us see the best and get a good “tase” … literally!
here are some of our favorites in pike place:
  • daily dozen donut company…hot mini donuts. i’m not even a big donut fan, and i could have had 5 bags of these! nicest people, and yummiest fresh mini donuts. mmm!
  • pike place fish market…this place has fresh fish that you can order and have them ship home for you, but even more fun is that every time someone orders, they yell out the order and someone grabs the big fish and tosses it through the air to the cash register. they are famous for their training video, so lots of people know about them & gather around to watch.
  • tacos at los agaves
  • saffron spice…best food cart, get the tikka masala
  • pike place chowder: famous for winning best chowder in the nation!
  • crepe de france..can’t ever pass up a good crepe place, and this one is tiny, crowded with locals, and delicious. they have savory + sweet ones, and we loved both!
  • beecher’s handmade cheese {get the classic mac & cheese, it’s oprah’s favorite!}
    those were the food winners in pike for other favorites:
this is right under pike place, and it is gross but fun to see..come prepared with your own gum to chew, blow a bubble, and then add to the wall!
with so many starbucks stores in this world, it’s fun to see the original!
tells the story of seattle’s role in the gold rush.
one of the best + most unique restaurants! get the pesto lasagna.
yummy pizza place owned by tom douglas.
the best bakery in the city. can’t beat it!
we got a little glimpse of the “SAM” since we did a tour which started here, and although it’s not the most amazing museum i’ve been to, it was fun to stop by, and some great exhibits go through there… plus, it doesn’t hurt that the restaurant inside is amazing. taste is delicious, and all of the food they use is LOCAL {a lot of it even comes from pike place market down the street!}
best view of the city!
be sure to go down to the waterfront arcades & park. if it’s a clear day, you can see mt. rainier and it’s breathtakingly beautiful!
cute cookie shop…get a few chipettes to snack on!
great mall right in the best shopping area..also don’t miss the flagship nordstrom!!!
the classic, recognizable structure. you can eat at the restaurant on top as you take in the view.
lake union is beautiful, and you can look back on the city from it. i won’t lie, i mostly went here because i wanted to see the house right on the water from one of my favorite movies, sleepless in seattle. if you’re a fan, go walk down the dock and check it out at 2460 westlake avenue north.
if not, you should still go see the lake!

other seattle spots to remember:

  • high 5 pie
  • mighty o’s doughnuts
  • serious pie (and any tom douglas restaurant)
  • homegrown {local sandwich shop, a few locations}
  • saley cafe
  • cupcake royale
  • frost doughnuts
  • molly moon’s ice cream
  • la carta de oaxaca for dinner
  • lunchbox laboratory
  • crab pot
  • biscuit bi*** (cafe lieto)
  • top pot doughnuts
  • lincoln park
  • archie mcphee
  • green lake park
  • ballard fish ladder
  • sweet lo’s ice cream
  • honeyhole sandos
  • salty’s
  • the pie bar
  • paso carribbean restaurant
  • portage bay cafe
thanks for letting us visit, seattle!
we will be back again soon.
*see our first seattle visit + video here*
and our more recent visit here!

any other seattle tips? comment below!!

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