valentines day 2011

valentines day 2011
happy valentines week! we are recapping our valentines past,
starting with yesterday’s valentines 2010, now here is valentines 2011!
our valentines 2011 was during the time chase was living in washington DC,
and we were planning on spending the holiday thousands of miles apart.
well, that all changed when i got a package from him full of chocolate,
gifts, and…TICKETS TO NYC for valentines weekend! i thought i had died
and gone to heaven. it was the most perfect valentines ever, and even more
special since we were living apart and appreciated every second together!
..on top of the empire state building..
so many good meals on that trip, including carnegie deli, magnolia
bakery, fettucine in rockefeller center, and these crepes at cafe un deux trois!
we saw three broadways, went to times square, and did all of our favorite NYC things!
one of my little gifts to chase that year was the book “i like you” 
from anthropologie..i had a copy that i had kept all through college,
and finally i knew that he was the one to give it to! if you haven’t
heard of it, go get it for your loved won’t regret it!
here is what i wrote in the front cover:
there was no better place to spend our 2011 valentines than the big apple!
we fell even harder this trip, and it made NYC even more magical.
saying goodbye was sure hard at the end of that weekend,
and i’m so glad he is my permanent valentine now!
valentines 2012 to come tomorrow!

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