a day well-spent in seattle

a day well-spent in seattle

today we got to stop in seattle for a layover before heading to europe…

since we are flying from seattle directly to paris, we planned it so we could 
have some time in seattle before taking off! we are so happy we did.  

we…went on a “seattle bites” food tour, {yum!}

we got to sample all different vendors in pike place, 
…and as you can see our guide loved chase, of course.
it was a 3 hour tour through pike place market 
for with great food and history included..

we saw the famous//gross “gum wall” and added our pieces…

we spent lots of time on the waterfront and exploring shops..
we saw the space needle and lake union 
{where the sleepless in seattle house is!!}

we saw the first and biggest nordstrom, 
as well as the original starbucks..

later we met up with our friend zach, who is living in seattle doing 
flight school! we loved taking him to dinner + dessert, then strolling the city.

although i do love rain, we felt lucky to get AMAZING sunny 60 degree 
weather with a clear sky…every local kept telling us how rare a 
weather day like that was, so we soaked it up!  
our guide to seattle favorites to come soon! now, on to paris and rome! 

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