..the 12 dates of christmas..

..the 12 dates of christmas..
 one of our first christmas traditions we are 
starting together this year is the:
twelve dates of christmas
christmas is such a fun, romantic time with so many 
things to do, and it’s important to make time for each other amidst the holiday 
craziness! so each december we will plan 12 special dates to do together. 
this year we’ve already done most of ours, and still have some left! 
so we’re posting it now, because there are officially 12 days until christmas starting 
TODAY…so you can still fit this in! we already love this tradition and 
hope you will join in! here are the 12 dates we chose this year……
1. on the first date of christmas… 
we went on a little outing to pick out our very first ornament 
together, followed by a stop for some hot chocolate.
2.  on the second date of christmas.. 
we took a fun little sleigh ride in a horse-drawn wagon!
3. on the third date of christmas.. 
we decorated our cozy apartment with a tiny tree, lights, ornaments, signs, 
and candles while listening to christmas music and making hot chocolate. 
we also stuffed, signed and stamped all of our christmas cards to send out!
4. on the fourth date of christmas.. 
we went ice skating downtown with our favorite friends
and had the entire rink to ourselves!
5. on the fifth date of christmas.. 
we went to an amazing nativity exhibit in palo alto 
and saw hundreds of nativity displays from all over the world.
6. on the sixth date of christmas..
we went to christmas in the park downtown 
and strolled around, perusing all of the decorated trees and displays 
while fake snow blew around in the air..thanks california!
7. on the seventh date of christmas.. 
we had a night out at the local theatre 
to see one of our favorite musicals live.
8. on the eighth date of christmas.. 
we had a christmas party with friends!
9. on the ninth date of christmas.. 
we made christmas sugar cookies together + decorated 
them…and then ate all of them with friends. yum!
10. on the tenth date of christmas.. 
we took a trip to the mall to get lots of christmas shopping done for our 
family + friends. husband was a trooper, and even helped me wrap.
we did stop for some peppermint bark from williams-sonoma first though!
11. on the eleventh date of christmas.. 
we are going to the see the nutcracker performed by the san francisco ballet!
12. and the 12th date of christmas.. 
will be a traveling date home to be with our families and celebrate our first 
christmas married complete with lots of festivities! we can’t wait.

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