White Pizza with Arugula

Ever since my dad took me to Ray’s pizza in NYC for a slice of “white pizza” when I was 8, I’ve loved it! But then I’ve ordered it at fancy restaurants and not loved the stronger cheeses they make it with. It was hard to find one as good and creamy as the simple…


Spade & Plow Organics

I’m so sad that our weekly farmers market is ending, but I found the best solution ever to keep all the local produce flowing through our kitchen — SPADE & PLOW farm boxes! This company is basically my dream — fresh, organic produce delivered to the doorstep in a box. You get an email of…


Labor Day at Half Moon Bay!

Our Labor Day weekend was pretty low key thanks to the crazy heat wave that took over the Bay and made us cancel some of our plans…but we did escape to the coast for a fun picnic potluck dinner with friends at Half Moon Bay. It was breezy and cool and so beautiful, straight out…


Oakland Zoo!

A few weekends ago we had an outing to the Oakland Zoo! I’ve never been to any of the zoos out here, but with Rea starting to love animals (and make all the sounds for them :) we thought it would be so fun to take her. It was a hot and crowded Saturday and…


East Bay Exploring!

Fun fact about Chase: he is constantly looking at real estate and sending me links. It’s one of his favorite hobbies that I don’t really understand! Especially in this crazy Bay Area market I don’t even bother looking because it’s so outrageous…and when I’m not actively looking to move, I would never just browse for…

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