Disneyland 2019!!

Disneyland right in between the girls’ birthdays might have to become a new tradition! It was magic and amazing to be there with our little girls and my parents at the start of our Newport trip. It was so helpful to have four adults to tag team on the littles and make it so we…


Visiting the Hammels in LA!

Fun to go down to Southern California a few days before my family trip to Newport, and stop in LA to see some of our best friends who moved down here earlier this year. We are so sad they don’t live down the street anymore, but it was the best to see them in their…


Reagan’s Princess Party!

It was so sweet and special to celebrate little Rea’s 3rd birthday with a full-on princess party! It was her dream and ended up being so fun for all of us. We all dressed up (Rea as Rapunzel, Claire as Cinderella, Me as Elsa and Chase as Prince Charming :) and had little friends come…


reagan at 3 years old

Little Rea is THREE!!!I can’t believe it but can, because she acts like a 5 year old…so in a way I am glad she’s only 3 – ha! I seriously wish I was still doing monthly lists and updates even at this age – Reagan has so many hilarious things she has done every day…


July 2019 recap

July!! Full of summer fun in Utah and the Tetons, then back to the Bay for Rea’s 3rd birthday – complete with a visit from my mom and a full-on princess party! Lots of summer cooking, swimming, farmers marketing, bucket biking, date nights, Chase starting his new job and me exploring some new jobs on…

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