The Outer Banks

A week in the Outer Banks was dreamy! It was my first time there, and so fun to meet family for a spring break week at the beach. Chase couldn’t come, so I flew to Virginia with little Reagan and met my parents + my brother and his cute family who live in Richmond. We…


Making a children’s book with Cuento Books! + GIVEAWAY

Out of all the special books we have at our house to read with little one, we have a new favorite. Anyone looking for one of the most meaningful gifts you can give your child or someone else’s, this is for you. My sweet friend Steph has started a company called Cuento Books, which helps…


Easter 2018

Easter felt even more special this year having just been in Israel touring the Holy Land and standing at the sights of the resurrection. It became so real to us and although I already liked this holiday, it’s moving up and up. Reagan being old enough to do some little Easter egg hunts also added…


Baby 2 Gender!

It was sweet to pass 20 weeks of pregnancy this week, and find out the gender of our little one on the way! The anatomy scan feels so major and I never take for granted that everything looked good and healthy. That is always the best and luckiest feeling! I also love that this halfway…


March 2018

A lot happened for us in March this year! It started off rough with me still feeling so so sick from the pregnancy still, Reagan also getting a bad winter sickness, and then heading off on our crazy trip where I dropped R in Salt Lake City with my mom, then took a red eye…

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