2 months of Claire

Claire at 2 months Weight – 11 pounds 6 ounces (44%) Height – 23.5 inches (85%) Head – 37 cm (66%) Claire is the best and sweetest. So so in love with her. A few thoughts and highlights at 2 months: -SMILES all around! This is the best stage ever when a baby starts to…


Utes at Stanford!!

We LOVED having the Utes come out to us so much, that I had to save an entire post about it because I took lots of pictures and it was such a fun memory to have both girls at a Utes game! Reagan has been to a few, but she was finally old enough to…


SLC September

A last minute trip to Salt Lake ended up working out in September! Chase had to stop through to do some recruiting for Google at the U, so originally he was going to take Reagan and I’d stay home with baby. But when baby came early, we realized she’d be old enough to join in…..


Claire’s Newborn Photo Shoot

It’s always so worth it to us to get family photos taken, especially newborns. It is the most fleeting phase that is so sweet to capture! It represents some of my favorite memories … sleepless, happy weeks when heaven is close by and this new little life has joined the family. It represents bringing the…


Claire’s baby blessing

It was sweet to bless little Claire while in Utah with our family. When we booked a last minute trip there, we decided it made sense to bless her at my parent’s house with most of our family in one place rather than have them come to California for it. It was so special and…

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