Baby’s First Easter

Every holiday this year has been been so special with baby along, but Easter had to be my favorite with her so far! A) She was finally old enough to at least take a little part in it…I was so surprised she was crawling around in the grass picking up eggs and putting them in…


Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

This exact time last year we were living in Holland, (about to move home) I was 7 months pregnant, and we were seeing the famous tulip fields come into bloom there. We did Keukenhof on Easter weekend, and biked  the fields again during our final weeks there to say goodbye. That beauty made it hard to…


Slapfish SLC!

SLAPFISH! I have been wanted to eat here since the second I even heard the catchy name. I drooled over the photos, read the menu, heard about it, and knew I had to try! This is a “modern seafood shack” that has been brought to Utah from Southern California and other locations…and from the line out…


My Dad’s new job in Provo!

While in Utah we got to go down and visit my dad at his new job! He was asked to be the head of BYU Broadcasting, which is such a great way to cap off his career in television and film production! We were a little unsure about going to visit in Provo since we are…


Parents Homecoming!

A week after the fun airport reunion, we had the main events of my parents homecoming talks + parties. It was fun to have a week in between where we could help them unpack and settle in before these big events! It was a full weekend with a big party on Saturday for friends and…

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