Parents in Amsterdam!

My parents flew home from Johannesburg through Amsterdam for a little stop on their way home. We were so sad we couldn’t meet them and show them around the city where we lived, but I wrote them an exact itinerary to follow and it was SO fun to see them in our city! They are…


Mellow March

I rarely find myself saying this because I don’t like to be negative, but March was kind of a rough month over here for me! Nothing major, but just a lot going on — my job has gotten so overwhelming and a little crazy balancing it with staying home with baby. Reagan has been teething and a lot more…


Reagan at 8 Months

Suddenly the 8 month mark of Baby Reagan has arrived! Chase keeps saying that Reagan has hit her stride this month…she’s in a routine, so happy, sleeps 12 straight hours every night, loves people and other little kids, giggles and squeaks at everything, knows and recognizes people, has her own little sense of humor, loves eating,…


Palm Desert Half Marathon!

A few weeks ago we ran the Palm Desert Half Marathon together! We pushed baby Reagan in a jogger and had the best time. I had Palm Springs on my list to get to this year as a trip since I’d never been, and when we saw that there was a fun half marathon over a…


Rainy Feb

February always feels like it ends just a few days too early… maybe because it does, on the 28th! I’m never prepared to see March 1 on the calendar, but this year I love it because it’s now the month that my parents will be home from South Africa! I still can’t believe it. We’re…

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