East Bay Exploring!

Fun fact about Chase: he is constantly looking at real estate and sending me links. It’s one of his favorite hobbies that I don’t really understand! Especially in this crazy Bay Area market I don’t even bother looking because it’s so outrageous…and when I’m not actively looking to move, I would never just browse for…


Gull Park, Foster City

Now that little Rea is walking// running// exploring// learning everywhere she goes, it’s so much more fun to take on little outings for kids! So we’ve been exploring the best parks, museums, and kids activities around us. Gull Park in Foster City was a fun playground with the best views of the canals, and same…


49ers game!

We kicked off fall + football season with a 49ers game! It was the same night as our Utes college football season started, but it was perfect since the U game started at 4:30 so we could watch it on TV with friends, and then we headed to Levi’s Stadium at 7 for a Niners…


Favorite salad dressings

I rotate between a few main salad dressings and always have them in my fridge for salads! I thought I’d share them here because they are simple, easy, delicious and healthy with no added sugars. The best part is they are all versatile and can be used on different types of salads – Cobbs, salads…



August was a fun end to summer! We packed it full of a few road trips, a cabin weekend, city dates, nights at home, cooking, working out, getting into cycling (!!!) Bay exploring, and soaking up the true dog days of summer. The month ended with a crazy heat wave in the Bay, making it…

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