Reagan 23 months

LAST monthly update before baby girl is 2 years old … and soon she won’t be our only baby girl! So hard to believe, but so so fun to watch her progress and grow. Favorites from this stage: — Added the word “very” into her vocabulary…so funny to hear her say “that’s very cute” or…


Traveling while Pregnant

My first pregnancy we were living abroad and traveling all over Europe. I didn’t ever expect to travel so much while pregnant, and was worried about it! It ended up being a positive for my pregnancy – distracting me, keeping me active, and being able to experience how gracious and friendly all cultures were to…


6th Anniversary!

Six years of marriage to my love… it always sounds cheesy to say, but it keeps getting better. I’m always nostalgic for our earlier years, but would never trade them for what we have now. I feel so lucky to be building a life alongside someone I love and respect. He’s my best friend, makes…


Tutu School Ballet Class!

Easily the best thing we have signed Reagan up for so far has been ballet class. She has just been getting to the stage where we’ve started to do classes and sign up for more things. I’ve been mindful to try to keep us from getting overbooked at such a young age, but it has been…


Kale Caesar Salad Sweetgreen Copycat

Sweetgreen has always been a favorite since living in Washington DC, and now we have lots around us! I don’t go there enough where we live, because I love making my own salads at home so when I go out I don’t usually choose there. But – on vacation it’s always my favorite stop for…

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