A rainy, pink day in the city

This weekend we drove into the city and found lots of rain, and lots of pink! :) It was a fun way to begin February, and the sun did end up breaking through after a few hours. We had some plans set to do brunch at our friends’ house and have a baby play date, so we…


SAJJ Mediterranean

We have a new go-to favorite spot to eat in the Bay — SAJJ Mediterranean! We love it so much and I wanted to share some pictures of it from the opening we went to in Sunnyvale! We are lucky to have a location right down the street from us in Mountain View, and there…


January at home

“To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition.” My goal for January was to sleep every night in my own bed, and take a break from being so on-the-go. We were excited to get back home, catch up, and savor. After a December spent away on 3 different continents with 2 nights with…


Redwood City & Woodside

No matter where you live, there’s always something you haven’t seen, done, or fully experienced close by. Even after almost 4+ years in the Bay I still have the biggest list that is always being added to. Nearby adventures are some of my very favorite…no packing, more spontaneous, and if you love the place you…


Reagan at 6 months

A HALF YEAR with baby girl! It’s been our favorite month so far. Reagan is so happy, smiley, giggley, and completely knows what’s going on. We’ve been home most of the month and able to enjoy every second with her. We have her back in a routine and she’s been thriving. A few updates that have…

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