Easter 2019 celebrations

I don’t know if it’s because we have kids, but every holiday celebration seems to be stretching out longer and longer now! It feels like we celebrate for a few weeks leading up to every holiday, big and small! I love it and take any excuse to be festive, but it is a little funny…


surprise salt lake visit!

one of our best visits to utah EVER! probably because:a) it was last minute, which made it such a fun bonus visit and surprise for little rea!b) all the cousins were overlapping which is rare with my brother and his family on the east coast!c) we had little cousins around 24/7 staying at my parents…


claire 8 months

our baby doll is coming to life more and more! this month was filled with lots of her…giggles, two front teeth popping through, big smiles (at EVERYONE!), playing with sister, becoming so interested in toys and objects, waving her arm, sitting and scooting, pulling up on things, leg kicking, pivoting and (almost) crawling, eating so…


mom & dad visit before & after hawaii!

my parents had the best idea of booking their flights to hawaii out of SFO, and visiting us on both ends of their trip! we got them just for a night on the way there, and a weekend on the way back! always so fun to have them here! this time we had some fun…


march 2019 recap

march!!teething .. hints of warm spring .. still plenty of rain .. shake shack .. lots of friend dinners.. doctor’s visits .. a dislocated elbow + pop back in for rea .. RS cake party .. parents stopping through town on their way to and from hawaii .. green girls lunch .. st. patrick’s day…

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