Adaptable April

Yes I know I’ve been cheesily naming my monthly recaps with alliterations. Sorry, not sorry! :) I’ve liked coming up with a word for the month as I think back on each one. April was definitely about being adaptable. For one thing, it was the month my parents were asked to move home earlier than expected for a…


News Travel Segment!

This month I had the fun chance to go on the morning news and do a little segment about traveling with kids! It was obviously a slow news day for them, ;) but fun for me to do… and the best part was getting baby Reagan on camera at the end! I’m by no means an…


SLC trip welcoming my parents home!

We just got back from almost 3 weeks spent in Salt Lake City to welcome my parents home and spend time with family! The original 2 weeks turned into 3 for me, because Chase had to head to South America on business so I changed my flight since otherwise I’d be back in CA alone without him….


Feeding baby

Feeding baby has been one of my favorite things so far! Nursing her has been amazing and we’re still going strong on that, but adding in solid foods has been so fun. I love sharing my love of good healthy food with my little one and seeing her love it too. I’ve made a lot…


Reagan at 9 months

I repeat myself every month saying this month has been the best yet with baby Rea, that she’s come into her own, shows so much personality, and is just more and more of a little person instead of a baby every day! 9 months feels like a big milestone. She’s been out as long as…

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