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temple + tacos

this week we had a fun visit to the temple with  these cute friends on a pretty day..  after the temple we found the BEST mexican food in oakland… seriously we are obsessed! {little video thanks to the vine app}   yay for april, the best month of all! xo


sunday notes

dear sunday, you are slowly replacing thursday as my favorite day of the week. dear trader joe’s, thanks for stocking our kitchen this week. dear husband, grocery shopping is so much more fun with you. dear 5ks, we need to run you more often! dear bike, i loved taking you out for your maiden voyage…


wedding pictures part two: temple

here are some pictures at the temple after our ceremony. . we were married by our close family friend steve dalton, and it was the most special & amazing part of the day. the rest was just a celebration!  coming out of the temple doors!      our beautiful moms & grandmas…love this picture.    …


a little miracle story

do you believe in miracles? we do. and we had an experience this week which made us believe in them even more. after returning home from our honeymoon in june, we had one week to open all of our wedding gifts, pack up our things, and move to california. needless to say it was a…


date night

a perfect date night included a trip to here: …followed by the best treat in LA and a gorgeous LA night! Xo

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