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the south africa johannesburg mission!

the obvious highlight of our time in south africa was spending time getting to see the entire reason they are here: the mission! since we had more time, we got to be involved in so many mission events, get to know all of the missionaries, and get a true sense of the most inspiring work they are doing here….


church all around the world

want to know one of the best ways to feel like a local when traveling in a new place? go to church. no matter what religion you are or which church you choose to visit, it is an amazing experience to attend church in new places. it puts you with locals attending their weekly meeting,…


a happy easter weekend

i don’t care what anyone else says – spring is by far the best season. this weekend proved that once again as it filled up with daffodils, sun, general conference, friends, and easter. i’m feeling so rejuvenated and ready for this season ahead after this weekend full of all good things. we loved going to the…


visiting the SAJM mission

of all the once in a lifetime sights i’ve seen on this trip, by far my favorite part has been seeing the amazing mission that my parents are over. it was the sole purpose  of coming, and it has been unlike any other trip because of the people and purpose i witnessed here. the bonus…


reunited in johannesburg!!!!!

 “if it’s true, as shakespeare wrote, that “parting is such sweet sorrow,” then perhaps we could say that reuniting is the sweetest joy. while saying goodbye can be heart-wrenching at times, reconnecting with loved ones we haven’t seen in a while can be among life’s greatest moments.  for this reason, airports can be the  happiest and the saddest of places – full…

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