5 British Dishes You Have to Try at Least Once

When traveling to England, one thing you should do is sample some of the British cuisine. Some are simple meals while others are a bit more involved, but in all cases, these are culinary delights that have put the UK on the map because nowhere on earth can you get the authentic taste like you would throughout the UK,…


London layover guide

London’s Heathrow Airport is home to hundreds of international layovers daily. I’ve flown through here countless times, and it is one of the major stops from the U.S. to South Africa where my parents live. Because of this, a lot of our friends and family visiting them are stopping through London quite often and asking…


cheerio, london town!

i will forever love that i got to live in london again for a short time with chase this fall. it was all things lovely and just the right amount of time to enjoy the best of the city. we are excited to now be in a bit smaller city as we move to amsterdam, but we…


escaping to the english countryside

for our trip to the english countryside, we debated renting a car but decided that we wanted to take the train. it is just the way to travel in england! it’s smooth and easy. we left london after work on a busy friday night and caught the train from paddington station –> out to newbury. of course there are…


columbia road flower market

a new london discovery = columbia road flower market in the east end! chase and i were strolling the area in search of some vietnamese lunch, and we started to notice people carrying beautiful bundles of flowers everywhere. we knew a market must be close, so we wound our way and found darling columbia road…

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