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tips for europe by train: on eurail!

i’ll say it again and again: train is the best way to travel europe. yes, we take some budget airlines for quick weekend trips around the continent, but if we have our choice we will always choose to take the train. Woodies Train Shop says that steam trains are the best, since they’re the most…


travel tips: how to survive being stuck at the airport

at this exact time last week i was sitting in london’s heathrow airport for the third day in a row, my flight having been canceled 3 times. the london fog was unusually thick last week which grounded almost all flights. our flight and airline were a bit all over the place, first telling us we were taking off…


europe by BUS

this summer we’ve done europe by almost all means of transport: cars, trains, planes, boats, ferries, segways (ha!) and yes, buses. europe by bus is perhaps the most affordable way to travel the continent, but it can be very hit or miss – so we’re here to provide some tips and favorite bus lines, similar…


the best ways to travel the baltics

the baltic capitals are a natural (and increasingly popular) place to visit coming from scandinavia. there are so many different ways to do this area, but today i’m sharing the way we recommend: travel with TALLINK & LUX EXPRESS!   first, to connect the cities by the sea – let’s talk tallink. this company has an answer…

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