travel tips


what i’ve learned from travel

i’ve learned about new cultures, food, art, music, clothing, dance, and beliefs. i’ve learned about beautiful differences in the way people live around the world.   i’ve learned patience. so much patience. (i don’t always practice it, but i’ve learned it ;)   i’ve learned how to read a map, how to retrace my steps,…


tips for europe by train: on eurail!

i’ll say it again and again: train is the best way to travel europe. yes, we take some budget airlines for quick weekend trips around the continent, but if we have our choice we will always choose to take the train. not only is it smooth and convenient, there is just something magic about it. once…


travel tips: how to survive being stuck at the airport

at this exact time last week i was sitting in london’s heathrow airport for the third day in a row, my flight having been canceled 3 times. the london fog was unusually thick last week which grounded almost all flights. our flight and airline were a bit all over the place, first telling us we were taking off…

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