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The Worst Types of Airline Passengers

We all know them, and honestly we’ve all probably been them at some point: the worst types of airline passengers. Why is it that when humans get packed into a tube together, tensions run high and behaviors are so much more noticeable? Expedia did a poll among travelers to find out the most aggravating types…


London layover guide

London’s Heathrow Airport is home to hundreds of international layovers daily. I’ve flown through here countless times, and it is one of the major stops from the U.S. to South Africa where my parents live. Because of this, a lot of our friends and family visiting them are stopping through London quite often and asking…


what NOT to do in paris

the city of light! the city of love! we all know that paris is a magical place to visit. i think it is really hard to be disappointed by this city and it’s also pretty hard to go wrong here. however, there are some things to avoid in paris to keep from being disappointed and…


what i’ve learned from travel

i’ve learned about new cultures, food, art, music, clothing, dance, and beliefs. i’ve learned about beautiful differences in the way people live around the world.   i’ve learned patience. so much patience. (i don’t always practice it, but i’ve learned it ;)   i’ve learned how to read a map, how to retrace my steps,…

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