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Traveling while Pregnant

My first pregnancy we were living abroad and traveling all over Europe. I didn’t ever expect to travel so much while pregnant, and was worried about it! It ended up being a positive for my pregnancy – distracting me, keeping me active, and being able to experience how gracious and friendly all cultures were to…


How to plan a kid-friendly summer vacation

When you become a parent, pretty much everything about your life changes. Everything about life becomes a little bit tricker, but also so much more special and meaningful. Of course, it’s absolutely worth it – but it isn’t always easy. Another part of your life that might change drastically when you have kids is going on vacations….


Boarding Gate Battles

Airport are one of my favorite places, but they’re also one of the most stressful places sometimes. Having so many people in a confined space, all with somewhere to go at a certain time can be tricky. But, for the most part, the airport is a place of connection, adventure and excitement. Most of the…


Flying with Baby

I’m laughing to myself as I write this post, because I can’t believe the ridiculous travels we’ve done with baby. Back in the summer when I had her, I was telling a friend how I wasn’t planning any trips before the  end of the year, and had no desire to travel just to travel for a…


The Worst Types of Airline Passengers

We all know them, and honestly we’ve all probably been them at some point: the worst types of airline passengers. Why is it that when humans get packed into a tube together, tensions run high and behaviors are so much more noticeable? Expedia did a poll among travelers to find out the most aggravating types…

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