Charmed by Charleston

Charleston blew us away! I had high expectations for it, which oftentimes can make a place a bit of a let down. That wasn’t the case with Charleston. It was definitely different than I had pictured, but even more amazing & unique. We walked around just in awe of the bright, beautiful, charming homes, historic…


29th birthday!

I love ringing in a birthday in a new place with my little family! I really had my dream day this year in Hilton Head and felt so lucky. Somehow the past two years have lined up that we’ve been on fun trips over my birthday (last year in The Hamptons!) So these will be…


HILTON HEAD ISLAND, south carolina

Hilton Head has long been on my list to visit! I’ve always wondered what it was like and wanted to get there. We finally stopped through for a few days on our way between Savannah & Charleston. It was perfect that it was over my birthday and we got to relax and enjoy the beach…


Swept away in Savannah

beautiful rowhouses – huge avenues – gorgeous parks & squares – spanish moss – giant oak trees – huge churches – gas lanterns lining the streets – this place is a feast for the eyes and a pleasure just to walk around in! it was the original capital of georgia, and therefore filled with so…



After flying through Atlanta countless times, I decided it was finally time to get out and explore it! It was right on the way from Birmingham on our way to the Georgia coast, so we stopped for two days and packed a lot in. I had no idea how much there is to do, and…

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