i’m always so happy to get back into any french-speaking part of the world. i love that mid-way through switzerland, the signs and announcements suddenly change languages and you can go from german to french between two towns. we made it into geneva after a dreamy stay in montreux, gruyères & broc and just enjoyed…


swiss chocolate factory

here is one of the best things you can do in switzerland … and all of europe, really! it’s going on the euro bucket list. it involves a chocolate tour full of chocolate history … even chocolate quizzes, a chocolate movie, samples, and most importantly a full on chocolate tasting. basically all things chocolate! who can say no to that?…


cheese heaven in gruyères, switzerland

let’s take a train through switzerland to a town that produces the best cheese in the world. (i’m looking at you, gruyère..) if this sounds like fun to you, then i know we’d be friends!  it’s up in the green hills overlooking the swiss riviera, and you can sample as much cheese as you want. the…


sleeping in the swiss riviera: montreux

before this visit, i didn’t even know the swiss riviera was a thing. of course we think of the french riviera, but this stunning region lining lake geneva has been nicknamed the swiss version. we chose montreux as our our base to enjoy the entire area, including the foodie towns of gruyères and broc for cheese and…


hiking the MATTERHORN

i’m pretty sure that this is the true happiest place on earth… (no matter how much people like the d-land version ;) the stunning matterhorn was showing off during our stay in zermatt – and we became big fans from the moment we laid eyes on it. after seeing it from our hotel room and…

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