south africa


Baby in Johannesburg

I still kind of can’t believe I braved the flight to Africa all alone with baby. It was not easy, but so worth it for the sweet time spent with my parents getting to know her at this stage before they finish their time as mission presidents this summer. She would have changed so much…


Second South African Surprise

Around this time last year, I showed up in South Africa a few weeks early to surprise my mom. (You might remember her best ever reaction here ;) My dad and I planned it and it was the best! Ever since having the baby, my parents have been trying to get me to come visit one…


video: our time in south africa!

i promise this is my last post from our time in south africa … i finally got our clips from the trip thrown together into a little video mostly for us to remember the amazing time here! we were always singing “africa” through our time there, so i got a few funny clips of us…


south africa visit 2015

as we flew back to europe from south africa i could not stop thinking about the AMAZING time we had together with my parents visiting their mission. we got plenty of time and truly integrated into their lives there for over a month. we will never be able to re-create such a special and memorable time as what…

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