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Biking the bridge + Dinner on the Pier + a Show!

Chase and I have both been so busy lately with no time for each other! You’re always warned about this once kids come, etc…but I think it goes in phases and lately we’ve been majorly feeling it. Both of our jobs have been busy, and since my apartment managing job is part time from home…


Museum of ICE CREAM!!!!!

The Museum of Ice Cream Popup came to San Francisco!!!! Thanks to our friend Dawn we got to be in the first private group tour to celebrate our friend Jami’s birthday! It was such a treat (literally :) to visit this darling place that is out of a dream. It’s obviously not your typical museum,…


MIXT Opening in SF

I take any chance to head up for a city night! My friend Tam and I went up for the MIXT new opening in Cow Hollow, and a show at Orpheum! It was a cozy night with good food and company. Love this foggy city ^^ We’ve been to MIXT in SF before, (here) so…


The Beautiful San Francisco Zoo!

Just like everything in San Francisco, its Zoo is so pretty and unique. I had never been before, but have been wanting to take little Rea! We went for the morning when Chase’s parents were visiting town and it was so beautiful, not crowded, and just the nicest zoo! We had a foggy Friday morning…


Japanese Food & Shaved Ice & Broadway Girls Night!

Leave it to San Francisco to combine Japanese food, Taiwanese shaved ice, and a Broadway musical all in one night! It was the perfect girls night out with perfect weather and the best food + entertainment + company with one of my Bay besties Sarah. City dates are my very favorite! I love living a…

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