Girls Night out at Black Sheep

Twice a year in our church we have General Conference weekend, one of the best parts of the fall & spring! On the Saturday night all of the men go to Priesthood meeting and the girls get together for girls night out. I’ve missed this tradition the past 3 years with my mom in Africa, and…


Girls night out to see RENT!

A much-needed girls night in the city included dinner at a tucked-away new discovery, and a night at the theatre to see RENT for it’s 20th anniversary tour! Chase was sweet to take the baby for 6 hours (one of the longest times I’ve been away from her!) while Kendall and I headed up to…


A rainy, pink day in the city

This weekend we drove into the city and found lots of rain, and lots of pink! :) It was a fun way to begin February, and the sun did end up breaking through after a few hours. We had some plans set to do brunch at our friends’ house and have a baby play date, so we…


SAJJ Mediterranean

We have a new go-to favorite spot to eat in the Bay — SAJJ Mediterranean! We love it so much and I wanted to share some pictures of it from the opening we went to in Sunnyvale! We are lucky to have a location right down the street from us in Mountain View, and there…


Redwood City & Woodside

No matter where you live, there’s always something you haven’t seen, done, or fully experienced close by. Even after almost 4+ years in the Bay I still have the biggest list that is always being added to. Nearby adventures are some of my very favorite…no packing, more spontaneous, and if you love the place you…

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