Roman Holiday Musical!

For once we got to see the PRE-BROADWAY premiere of a musical out here on the West Coast before it goes to NYC! Even better, it was the darling Roman Holiday. Who doesn’t want to see a classic like this performed as a musical on stage? It was the perfect girls night with one of my…


Sam’s Chowder House in Half Moon Bay!

Our beach days have begun here in NorCal! The weather was so hot last weekend and we were celebrating my birthday so the beach made sense. I’ve wanted to try the famed Sam’s Chowder House forever since living out here in the Bay, so we decided to head to Half Moon Bay, (and actually just…


Slapfish SLC!

SLAPFISH! I have been wanted to eat here since the second I even heard the catchy name. I drooled over the photos, read the menu, heard about it, and knew I had to try! This is a “modern seafood shack” that has been brought to Utah from Southern California and other locations…and from the line out…


Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade

At the tippy top of my food list in Salt Lake was SWEET LAKE BISCUITS & LIMEADE. I’d seen pictures, heard about it, and knew it was right up my alley. Of course we had to go right when we arrived to Utah, and we brought my dad along since this has opened during the…



The night after my parents got home we had a Friday night outing downtown to try the new Chile-Tepin I had heard so much about! It was the perfect welcome home to all of us, especially my parents who have gone without real Mexican food living in Africa the last 3 years.  The best part…

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