Last Day in Kona

Every time we fly out of Kona we’ve always taken the red-eye so that we have a last full day in paradise and then spend the 6+ hours at night. It’s a little ironic to get home from a relaxing trip in paradise feeling exhausted, but this time was especially worth it because all the…


Strolling San Carlos

Another cute Bay Area town we hadn’t been to: San Carlos! We  f i n a l l y  checked it off the list this weekend with a little brunch and stroll in between some rain storms. I biked there and met Chase + Rea for a yummy meal and some shopping/ wandering. I am…


Biking the bridge + Dinner on the Pier + a Show!

Chase and I have both been so busy lately with no time for each other! You’re always warned about this once kids come, etc…but I think it goes in phases and lately we’ve been majorly feeling it. Both of our jobs have been busy, and since my apartment managing job is part time from home…


Bumble Los Altos

I’m in love with downtown Los Altos, just 5 minutes from where we live. We love to go there for shopping, the library, dinner dates, the farmer’s market all summer, all of their fun events and festivals, etc! It’s the most idyllic little charming town nestled right on the Peninsula and we’re lucky we get…


Laid Back Poke Shack in SLC!

We have poke shops all around us in the Bay Area, so I loved seeing that one has popped up in Salt Lake! It’s such a good and healthy go-to for lunch or dinner and this place does it right. “Poke” is a raw fish salad which might not sound appetizing, but when done right…

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