what NOT to do in paris

the city of light! the city of love! we all know that paris is a magical place to visit. i think it is really hard to be disappointed by this city and it’s also pretty hard to go wrong here. however, there are some things to avoid in paris to keep from being disappointed and…


prayers for paris and how to help

sending all of my love to paris today, a city near and dear to my heart. it’s so full of love and light… the opposite of what happened last night.❤🇫🇷 ‪ if you want to help, donate to the following: • croix-rouge francais (french red cross) • international red cross • restaurants du cœur (provides food to anyone…


montmartre at night

our most recent time to paris was one of the best. to be there in the fall was the biggest treat, combined with the fact that we rented an apartment in montmartre and really felt like we were parisians for a week (i keep trying to get chase to apply for roles in the google paris office,…


paris in the fall

if i had to suggest a time of year to travel to almost anywhere, nine times out of ten i would say the fall is the best. this is especially true in europe. a few perks of fall travel include: cities & attractions are less crowded •• temperatures have fallen and the summer heat is over •• in lots…


la vie en rose

the city of light // la ville lumière: there’s a reason paris is called by this name. it’s also referred to as the city of love, but i prefer to call it the city of light because it describes it so well. this nickname came not only from its role during the age of enlightenment, but more literally…

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