oslo on a sunny day

we showed you a rainy day in oslo, now let’s talk about a sunny day here! we really thought this city was great, with lots to do indoor & out..depending on weather. a local friend told us that when the sun comes out in oslo … the layers come off and everyone comes out. it’s a little…


oslo on a rainy day

we arrived to oslo on the train on a rainy day ready to explore. i don’t think oslo gets the best rep compared to the rest of norway, but we ended up really liking it and having fun in norway’s capital! we ended up having one rainy day and one beautiful sunny day, and it…


my favorite norwegian town

i’m beginning to think you can’t go wrong in norway… but there is one hidden gem town that i fell the most in love with. it’s a must! aurland is a tiny town tucked into fjord country near flåm. we ended up staying here out of necessity because flåm was booked up with high tourist season, but it was…


a fjord safari

norway is known for many things, but the most unique aspect of this country is the fjords. norway’s fjords are some of the only ones that are easily accessible to see, as others in the world are much more remote: like in southern chile, remote alaska, greenland, etc. this is what makes norway such an incredible destination, and…

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