new york city


Baby in the Big Apple

Baby and I tagged along on Chase’s business trip to NYC last week… and New York City with a baby is a whole different story! We had fun, but this trip was a bit more exhausting after the blessing weekend with family in town, and the other trips we’ve had this fall. I knew we were…


new york video and the brooklyn bridge

finally posting the last of new york, two weeks after our trip. what can i say, we packed a lot into 5 days in the big apple! we… experienced a new york halloween saw the google NYC office loved central park in the fall saw a broadway show and the late show with dave letterman…


brunch at jacob’s pickles

do you know what the ideal meal is?   brunch. easily. how can you beat it? when you’re having brunch, it’s always a special occasion or weekend.   it’s always relaxing. it’s always with favorite people. it’s always the best food.   we had heard about jacob’s pickles a lot, so it was time to…


monuments & statues: NYC

we visited the 9/11 memorial and lady liberty  all in one afternoon while in new york. so much patriotism was felt this day… how sobering it is to stand in the very place where  the 9/11 attacks happened. i visited the world trade center  before those attacks and went to the top, visited ground zero …


a lunch date

when you need quick lunch in the city, ‘wichcraft is your spot. i remember trying it when my friend anna and i visited NYC from DC while we were living there. we got to new york and walked through bryant park, saw the cute ‘wichcraft stand and stopped right away for lunch. it was quick,…

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