it’s a…girl!

our little dutch baby is a GIRL!! we just found out on thursday, a week earlier than expected because we switched doctors (long story with these netherlands doctors …) so we were not expecting to find out this week, making it even better. first of all, that 20-week ultrasound is the best thing on earth. i…


brussels for valentine’s day

chase won valentine’s this year. he took me to belgium and planned everything! he had a business trip beginning monday, so sunday after church we headed off to brussels to celebrate my favorite holiday! i love belgium and i’ve been able to tag along on his business trip through the whole country the rest of this week. so…


valentine’s day 2016!

it’s hard to beat a valentines living in europe! since it was on a sunday this year, i planned our saturday night and chase had a surprise for sunday. i started things off with a fun day in amsterdam seeing some new sights, we had a little break for chase’s MBA classes, then went to…


best adventure yet

we’ve been planning our best adventure yet! of all the experiences & new things chase and i have shared together, we’re officially embarking on the biggest and best yet! this one takes lots of planning, months of waiting (somewhere around 9 to be exact…), it’s pretty physically taxing + tiring, expensive, and a one-way ticket to a place that is…


our courtship

i realized i never had pictures from our dating years on the blog since i didn’t have it then, but i want these here to save them and and to remember all of the fun memories  that led here to where we are today. now is as good a time as any, since it’s valentines eve!!…

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