happy valentines 2019 ♥

chase and i were out to dinner with our girls on valentines and had to recount all of our past valentines together. 2010 we had recently met and gone on a few dates, but were both still dating around and didn’t spend it together. i remember wishing we had! 2011 we were dating but chase…


6th Anniversary!

Six years of marriage to my love… it always sounds cheesy to say, but it keeps getting better. I’m always nostalgic for our earlier years, but would never trade them for what we have now. I feel so lucky to be building a life alongside someone I love and respect. He’s my best friend, makes…


Valentines Day 2018

I love Valentines Day and the love around it…I always have, even when I didn’t have a sweetheart. But I do know how lucky I am to have two cute Valentines to love on this holiday. Being single doesn’t have to be something you should feel ashamed about. But if you are someone who is…


Fifth Anniversary!

BANFF was the perfect place to celebrate FIVE YEARS of marriage on June 1st! It’s funny how that sounds so long and so short to me at the same time. I mostly can’t believe how much we have been able to pack into our first 5 years, and I love the place we are now….


2017 Valentines

My favorite holiday rolled around again! I love this day of love and the excuse to spread it all over the place– to friends, lovers, family members, strangers, dogs, babies, anyone and everyone! It’s the best. This year was simple but special. Last year we were living in Europe and Chase surprised me with a Valentines…

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