Florence with Friends

What is better than Florence? … Florence with FRIENDS! For this final leg through Europe we planned to meet up with Tay & Megan, our friends from high school / college! There is nothing like old friends who you know well and feel so comfortable with. They are on a 3 week trip through Europe…


back to milano on a terrible airline :)

we left paris for milan bright and early on the final day of our actual travels. milan marked the beginning of chase’s new role with google europe. his team is spread throughout europe, but they were having a conference in milan for a week and since we weren’t settled yet, i came along! we flew…


world expo 2015

this was a travel lovers dream!! i felt lucky to attend the 2015 world expo in milan. it is like the modern world fair, and happens every 5 years somewhere different throughout the world. needless to say, it was the best opportunity to be able to line up the dates and go during its very last month here!…


an italian city without the tourists

italy is such a loved & well-discovered destination worldwide. this is for good reason, but it comes at the cost of being crowded all year round. visit almost any area in this country and you can expect to be rubbing shoulders with lots of other tourists taking in the sights. there’s no problem with this, but sometimes it’s…


venice food tour

when i booked a venice food tour, i had no idea what to expect. all over italy the food is different, and a common phrase in venice is “don’t eat pasta in venice.” though you can obviously find great italian food here, the locals have their own unique way of eating – and this walks of…

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