Springtime in Cinque Terre

Before we are done with the Europe posts, I think we all need some eye candy in the form of Cinque Terre. Spending the last week our Europe life in Italy was probably the best but worst idea because it was so perfect, which made it even harder to be leaving! But…we got to soak…


Pizza in Pisa!

After our time in Tuscany, Pisa was our base city since we were also heading north to Cinque Terre! Pisa is cheaper and easier to stay in than the coastal towns, especially now that Cinque Terre will be limiting tourists and requiring tickets for entry. Pisa made it easy and fun to explore the surrounding…


Tuscany Road Trip

Setting off on a Tuscan road trip with friends is a great idea – just take it from us! We met up with our friends in Florence, packed into a Volkswagen, and hit the road. I’ve already posted some highlights of the trip, but here is a complete itinerary in case you have an inkling…


Under the Tuscan Sun

This is the way I want to travel for the rest of my life … less big cities with sightseeing, and more relaxing in the countryside like we did in Tuscany with our friends. It was truly so refreshing to just soak up the open space, have no agenda, and stay at a Tuscan villa…


An Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany

One of the remaining things I have been dying to do in Europe is visit an olive oil farm in the Tuscan countryside. Even that sentence is so dreamy, and I’ve had it high on my list. I thought it would need to be on a return visit after we’d moved from Europe, but meeting…

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