Tel Aviv, Israel

We ended our Israel trip in Tel Aviv. It is a fun city right on the beach, and has a completely different feel from Jerusalem and the rest of the Holy Land. It’s so modern and vibrant with a really fun scene. It was nice to relax here a little bit after all the touring…



Jerusalem was so special and memorable in every way. I want to tear up just thinking about our experiences here. It is a city that means so many different things to so many different people, which is part of why it is so fascinating and complicated and important all at once. It somehow still feels…


Floating in the Dead Sea

What an experience to bathe in the Dead Sea. It’s such a unique place being so far below sea level, and so salty! It’s almost ten times saltier than the ocean, and you can feel it. I didn’t think I’d truly be able to float in it, but was surprised that you do! There were small…


Visiting Bethlehem

This “little town of Bethlehem” is not so little anymore, or quite how you’d imagine. We were told this by people who had visited before, and it really was the only letdown of our stops through the Holy Land. I’m still glad we went because I would have been sad not to go, but it was…


Israel and the Holy Land

We’re back from a life-changing trip through Israel, and into Jordan and Palestine. Chase had business in Tel Aviv, so we decided to go a little bit early and see this special area. I flew through Salt Lake to drop our little one with family (thank you MOM and everyone else!) and I met Chase in…

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