dublin with friends!

we found ourselves back in dublin last week! our first visit was back during the summer when we went all through ireland. (and stayed at the best place ever.. still dreaming of it. this time it was a bit colder, but still fun! chase had a work conference that i tagged along for, and it was…


irish vlog!

chase just caught up on all of his footage and editing (he’s getting used to getting it done on the road..) so it’s a few days behind, but sharing this last vlog from our irish road trip. i think it’s my favorite yet, showing the cliffs of mohor, charming irish towns, and the countryside house we stayed…



we reluctantly left the dream irish countryside to head back to dublin.. luckily lots of fun awaited there too! you can’t go wrong in ireland. before you scroll through photos of dublin, i have to share the more entertaining version – chase’s latest vlog from there. he never shows me a glimpse of these until…


a country house in ireland

CARRIG COUNTRY HOUSE on the Ring of Kerry… don’t take it lightly when i say this is our favorite place we have stayed. ever. we really thought about it and had some close runner ups, but nothing so far has ever struck our fancy more than the little country house we stumbled upon in the…


ireland road trip!

ireland is a place you have to see on your own, by car, and without too strict a plan. it’s meant to be explored, gotten lost in, and thoroughly adventured (is that a verb? it should be!) we rented through auto europe, who helped us find the best rental in dublin. we love this company for…

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