Germany Road Trip

We started off April with a road trip to Germany with our cute friends from Amsterdam! If you missed it, we are moving back to the USA at the end of this month – and had some transition time before Chase’s next role back at Google in California – so we decided to get out…


Happy Heidelberg

 It’s pretty easy to be happy in Heidelberg… What a fun little German town! We took a German road trip this weekend with Amsterdam friends to kick off our final month of traveling through Europe, and we loved it all. We drove from Amsterdam –> Düsseldorf the first night, then on to Heidelberg on Saturday morning…


Historic Berlin

After showing Chase’s family around Amsterdam, we took an early morning flight to Berlin to kick off the week of spring break with two side trips. None of us had been before, and we landed on a very grey and drizzly day. We took a cab through the outskirts and into the city, making our…


a failure day at neuschwanstein castle

neuschwanstein castle evokes images of the disneyland castle and fairytale experiences, but it was not quite this way for us, ha! our day here was just one of those where things don’t seem to line up. at least it became a funny story and memory for later. behind our smiles + the beautiful castle shown…


meandering through munich

spend some time in munich and you will immediately feel that it is alive. so much is happening and being created here. it’s happy, lively, loud (especially if there’s a soccer game going on…) and welcoming. this might be due to the many biergartens, the accessible location that brings in a lot of visitors, or…

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