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Tuscany Road Trip

Setting off on a Tuscan road trip with friends is a great idea – just take it from us! We met up with our friends in Florence, packed into a Volkswagen, and hit the road. I’ve already posted some highlights of the trip, but here is a complete itinerary in case you have an inkling…


Traveling to Turkey with Journy

Chase and I have both been so interested in visiting Turkey while living here in Europe. Right now with the volatile environment, we weren’t sure if it was the smartest thing. Months ago we had booked a short visit and purchased our visas to visit, but as it drew closer and with more unrest we…


Amsterdam Restaurant Guide

Before we get into the best restaurants of Amsterdam, let’s talk Dutch food! One thing you might hear from people before you visit Amsterdam is that “the food is terrible.” I don’t understand this! Sure, classic Dutch cuisine may not be the most exciting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find great food (Dutch and…


How to visit Russia without a visa!

Anyone interested in visiting Russia may face the obstacles of applying for a time-consuming and expensive tourist visa. Currently, visa processing fees for US citizens are: $250 for a single entry 3 business days, or $450 for a multiple entry 3 business-day visit. For some this cost may be worth it, but for others it stands in the way…


Europe’s best-kept secret: the Faroe Islands

Hi!! I am wrapping up a solo week in the Faroe Islands courtesy of Visit Faroe Islands. Experiencing this place has been nothing short of incredible, and even though I’ve been here alone it has been an amazing memory that I’ll never forget. It is one of the most unique places I’ve been – especially in…

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