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Greece was hands down one of our favorite destinations we’ve ever been to. A friend of ours went to Greece before using a travel company similar to – Ancient Thira was a magnificent sight to see according to her, so we had to check it out! This is probably because it felt like an…


european BUCKET LIST

If you remember our big BAY AREA Bucket List you know I am all about compiling big lists of places and things that I want to experience…and Europe is no exception! I’ve had this running list for years, but really started knocking things out when we lived in Europe over the past year. So, without further ado…here…


Amsterdam Guide!

I had a previous Guide to Amsterdam posted from a few years ago when I first visited, but now that we’ve lived there I wanted to make a more complete guide for expats (and visitors) alike! We absolutely loved our time living here and count ourselves so lucky to have lived in a little fairytale…


“Bests” & “Mosts” of Europe

Between previous travels and then almost a year of living in Europe, we have completed visiting the entire EU, and then some! I think our love for Europe is pretty clear. I have always been intrigued with this continent and been a little obsessed with it (both the good and bad sides :) My very favorite thing…


Favorite Chains through Europe

I know…chains don’t always get the best reputation. We all love finding unique boutiques and eateries that aren’t replicated, but you have to admit that some chains are done right. Europeans are less into “chain” restaurants and stores in general…that is more of an American thing. But of course there are still big chains here, and some…

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