Chase’s Business School Graduation!

Last month Chase graduated from IE BUSINESS SCHOOL in Spain! I’m so proud of him for doing one of the top programs in Europe (and anywhere, like you can see here..sorry, proud wife! :) We had lots of options for school, but this program fit into our life so well. It’s a great highly-ranked  business school, and the…


December in Spain

Spending some of December in Spain was a treat. We are a little bit in love with Madrid after living there for a short time while Chase began business school, and visiting often throughout his Global part-time MBA at IE. I was the happiest about his business school choice because it gave us an excuse…



Greece was hands down one of our favorite destinations we’ve ever been to. This is probably because it felt like an actual vacation unlike a lot of our sightseeing trips. It ended our year in Europe and we took it as our babymoon, so it’s easy to see why we fell in love. I think everyone…


european BUCKET LIST

If you remember our big BAY AREA Bucket List you know I am all about compiling big lists of places and things that I want to experience…and Europe is no exception! I’ve had this running list for years, but really started knocking things out when we lived in Europe over the past year. So, without further ado…here…


The best gifts to bring home from Europe

Bringing little gifts home from a trip is such a fun way to give loved ones a taste of where you’ve been. I love finding gifts throughout Europe, since it is so packed with culture and unique from place to place. You want to bring home the right kind of gift instead of a tacky touristy one….

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