Welcome to our favorite town of the far! Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is pure magic in the form of a provincial French town built into the side of a mountain in Provence. It’s perfect and so memorable. We arrived during the afternoon and spent a few hours here wandering the village, eating crepes and buying soaps until…


A stay at Maison Sebastien

Absolutely the dreamiest part of our trip to France was our stay in this incredible chateau in Provence. I will never get over this perfect house in the countryside and wish we could have stayed for weeks! It was perfection from the French kitchen, to the blue shutters, medieval floor plan, sunny terrace with gorgeous…


Road trip through Provence

As nice as the French Riviera was, Provence was even lovelier to me. Maybe because it’s the one main area in France I hadn’t been to, and always wanted to! It’s like the Tuscany of France, and reminded me of our dreamy road trip through there. We all agreed it was so beautiful and refreshing…


Cycling the Riviera

I’m so glad we’ve been getting into cycling so that we could ride together in the South of France! It was a complete dream and it was so lucky Chase and I could ride together since we were traveling with my parents. My mom would take Reagan while Chase and I would ride early, then…


Charming St. Paul de Vence

St. Paul de Vence was definitely one of our very favorite little villages we visited on our trip. It’s up in the hills away from the coast and so special with it’s tiny winding cobblestone roads, art galleries, and storybook feel. It’s one of the oldest medieval towns on the French Riviera and so full…

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