trekking to montenegro

the further we descended down the balkan peninsula, the less familiar things got…so, the more interesting they also got! i was so set on making it down to kotor, montenegro while we were in croatia. i wanted a taste of this country that i knew so little about, and even though by this point we…


why visiting bosnia is worth it

what comes to mind when you think of bosnia? for me, a lot of contradicting things: ..natural beauty vs. war-torn wreckage.. ..a new start vs. complicated history.. ..kind, friendly people vs. closed-off people.. ..christian vs. muslim.. ..western europe vs. eastern europe.. ..bosnia vs. herzegovina..  clearly we had a lot of interest and a lot to learn about the…


hot air ballooning over lithuania!

as our time in the baltics came to a close, we were hitting a low point with traveling. at about 5 weeks on the road nonstop, it was catching up with us here. though these countries were beautiful, there were fewer familiar conveniences and it was just getting to be a lot since these cities…


baltic capitals: vilnius, lithuania

after tallin and riga, our last baltic capital was vilnius. this itinerary through estonia, latvia & lithuania is becoming more and more popular as these places have grown among tourists, and we were so happy with all of them. they are different from the rest of europe however, so be prepared to be a bit…


well-cared spotlight: BAFF

hi! today we have a wellcared non-profit feature that i’m so excited to share! as we travel around, we try to link up with amazing groups who are making their community + the world more beautiful. this helps us connect to places, learn more about issues, get involved, and share great movements! we partner up…

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