Exploring Oia

Oia! You might be tempted to pronounce this town “oy-ya” like I did, but you’ll quickly be corrected by a smiling local that it is in fact said “ee-ya.” This is the iconic Santorini spot that you see in photos and imagine when you picture the island. It’s the top tourist destination and come summertime, the narrow…


Sunset Sailing in Santorini

While in Santorini, you have to get out on the water!  We spent our final full day sailing around the coast and islands for the afternoon before having a barbecue on the boat and taking in one last famous Santorini sunset. It was so relaxing and felt amazing to be out on the water, one…


Hello Santorini!

Isn’t Santorini on just about everyone’s bucket list? It should be, and we were happy to be crossing it off ours … especially on a little babymoon trip! I can’t think of a better place to celebrate a special occasion then the Greek islands.  After Mykonos and Naxos islands, Santorini was the third and final…


Naxos Island, Greece

We have loved traveling through Greece the past 12 days… We’ve found that each island has its own feel, culture, and even food. People are proud of the islands where they are from, and we loved getting a taste of 3 of the islands. It has left us wanting to explore more! Some of our best friends honeymooned…



The first Greek island we visited was Mykonos! We were so pleasantly surprised by it. We had heard it was the glamorous “party island,” but since we were there just before high season I feel like we got our own little personal taste of it. We expected packed streets and tourists galore, but instead we…

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