shanghai {part one}

we ended our china trip with four days in shanghai. i had no idea how HUGE shanghai is. there are over 23 million people living there! we were blown away. it is one of the biggest cities in the world, next to tokyo. what a crazy place to be! it was more westernized than beijing, and…


hangzhou: the garden city of china

who knew china was so beautiful?? when we were planning our trip, the focus was more on the big cities. i am so glad our itinerary also included these gorgeous garden cities. along with suzhou, hangzhou was so refreshing, green, and stunning.   highlights of hangzhou included:  our amazing resort hotel on the lake seeing…


suzhou, the venice of china

“the venice of the east” …as soon as i heard that nickname for the city of suzhou, i knew we had to go! this city was founded in 514 BC..what?! the canals, stone bridges, pagodas, and gardens were breathtaking. it is also a huge center for silk, so we were able to visit a silk…


city of xi’an

this 3,000-year old city was quite the place to visit. the highlight was of course the terra cotta warriors, but we saw a lot of other sights as well. this is where we did the chinese calligraphy lessons! after that, we visited the city wall {and rented an old chinese tandem…} we also visited the wild…


chinese calligraphy lessons

this was one of my favorite things we got to do.. you should have seen how excited i was for this! we loved practicing the ancient art of calligraphy with a teacher. she explained the meaning behind all the different strokes that make up the letters, and it was so interesting! i may have to…

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