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thanks for dealing with all of the many posts and updates from our time in india! it was truly once in a lifetime (quite literally…  i don’t think we’ll ever go back :) and i am so so grateful that we are able to document this life and our adventures so that we can re-live…


the taj mahal : one of the wonders of the world

when visiting india, you obviously can’t miss the .. taj mahal ..  india is a huge country and agra is a bit out of the way, but if you’re all the way over there it’s worth making the effort to go see one of the wonders of the world. we visited the taj at the end…


agra, india

after landing in india, exploring old delhi, new delhi, then  going 6 hours to jaipur and taking an elephant ride, we headed to agra — home of the famous taj mahal. we were looking most forward to the taj, but didn’t expect all of the other things to see in this place. on our way to agra…


elephant ride to amber fort

update & disclaimer, we didn’t plan this activity ourselves- it was part of a tour which we trusted to take us to good places with the best treatment of animals. we loved these beautiful elephants and enjoyed the experience, but on future travels have sought out rescue and safe haven animal sanctuaries to visit instead…


jaipur: india’s pink city

jaipur was my favorite city that we visited in india. known as “the pink city,” it is filled with pink palaces and lots of color and culture. i loved the hills that surround jaipur and the amazing people who live there. we also rode elephants here, so how could it not be a favorite part? i’ll…

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