6th Anniversary!

Six years of marriage to my love… it always sounds cheesy to say, but it keeps getting better. I’m always nostalgic for our earlier years, but would never trade them for what we have now. I feel so lucky to be building a life alongside someone I love and respect. He’s my best friend, makes…


Fifth Anniversary!

BANFF was the perfect place to celebrate FIVE YEARS of marriage on June 1st! It’s funny how that sounds so long and so short to me at the same time. I mostly can’t believe how much we have been able to pack into our first 5 years, and I love the place we are now….


fourth anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated FOUR years being married! I’ve loved each year more and I have a feeling our little one on the way will make the next one even better. As per tradition, it was my year to plan our celebration and I did my only talent == writing cheesy poems and creating a little scavenger hunt…


third anniversary celebration!

our third anniversary was celebrated in true san francisco style. it was chase’s year to plan, and continuing our little scavenger hunt tradition, he set up a fun surprise night in the city. it was on a monday after a busy day of work with lots going on, so it was nice & relaxing. i woke…


three years of marriage

somehow it’s our T H I R D anniversary. each june first i smile bigger remembering the best day and how it has gotten even better since. i will spare the sappiness and just say that i got the absolute best guy for me. while thinking about our third anniversary, i’ve been thinking about the number…

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