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guide to MIAMI + our video

like i said in my post about our miami trip, miami exceeded expectations! i loved the bright colors, the incredibly blue ocean, the music, how warm the water was, the thick white sand, the culture, the beautiful spanish accents, the warm nights, the bridges and inlets, the keys, the skyline, the art deco hotels, the relaxed feel, and everything else. here…


guide to NYC

the big’s pretty hard not to fall in love. you could come here a million times and never get enough. i fall harder every time i visit this city!   •  guide to new york city •   dining Grimaldi’s: and/or Juliana’s Pizza for the best pizza! They are next door to each other and…


guide to washington DC

this city is near & dear to our hearts unlike any other. we both lived here at different times and fell in love here over the 4th of july. we love this city where we both lived…it’s pretty magical! My friend recently sold her house in New York with William Pitt Realty and she’s now…


guide to seattle

we spent a short time in seattle last month, and we definitely fell for the city! who wouldn’t! considering there are so many things to do in Seattle, there’s something here for everyone. even if you’ve never been here before, exploring is something worth doing. you never know what you may find and that’s the…


guide to san francisco

both of us grew up visiting and loving this city, then we got engaged in this city, then we moved here and live in the center of it. it’s safe to say our hearts are in san francisco!  here is our little guide to some favorite eats,treats, & sights.. the list could go on and…

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