well 12 months

well 12 months

weight: 20.2 lbs (33rd percentile)
height: 31 inches (91st percentile)
head size: (33rd percentile)

favorite things to do: smile, clap, walk & explore, watch sisters, play with them, open drawers and go to the beach!
favorite friends: eddie ferrin, thomas hale, theodore gochnour and theo money :) william dunn, quintin, wade dunn, charlotte c!

loves balls and guitars

plays peek a boo and bed flops 

loves all food, but favorites are oranges, bread, raisins, goldfish, dates, ICE CREAM!

song: the grande olde duke of york

says “hewo” while waving

been to: palm springs, scottsdale, new mexico, san francisco, utah, michigan, wisconsin, illinois, oregon, tetons (wyoming), hebgen lake montana!

we call him our sunny sonny boy. he’s a bright and happy presence who makes everything better. he’s my best sweetest baby friend and we love each other so much. hope that never changes! i LOVE him! he and chase are best buds too :)

can’t live without: the sound maching, lovie, and balls

nicknames: wellsie, wells t, w, brother

wispy shiny bright blonde hair

Wells T- I cannot imagine life without you. You are everything good in this world, and I mean it! You are the perfect little person and make life so much better.

Thank you for making our home and family so much happier. You are the best there is! – Mom


From Dad:

Wells! Happy birthday to my main man. You are the only other male in this household and I cannot tell you how much stability and calm you have brought. I’m not sure how long this will last until you’re the wild one, but until then I have fallen so hard for you this year. You’ve made me so proud and are learning so fast. I love seeing you take to things I love, and finding your own as well. I have no doubt that this next year – and all the others – will be so fun together.

You’re such a special soul + I hope you know that. I hope I can be worthy of your love and being your dad. As the only Rigby grandson, my name, my legacy is you. Just like your sisters, my life’s work will be making sure you are a smarter, more capable, more kind version of myself. That’s not a high bar and I’m confident you’ll clear it. Just like I tell your sisters every night that they are brave, brilliant, and beautiful – I think you are courageous, clever and cool. Either way I know your future is bright, after all your first word was “doctor!”. I love you so much son, you have no idea how lucky I feel to be your father! – Dad