wells 10 months

wells 10 months

on the go! he is a boy and crawls directly for danger or mess :) to the top of stairs, to the dirt, to anything he can knock over :)

happy + friendly + nice. he brings such a good vibe to our house of sassy toddler girls haha! he smiles at everyone always, and no one can be mad around him!

moving in almost all ways, and surprised he hasn’t walked yet but he’s so close!

does not like being pinned down for diaper changes :)

lights up when he sees his sisters and vice versa. he loves to follow them around and do what they are doing, and same with cousins.

wellsie- at 10 months old you make life 10 times better. you’re the best there is! if i dreamt up a perfect baby boy it would be you. such a darling little boy with your hair growing so long and cute teeth growing in by the day. a happy little sweetheart who smiles, cuddles, waves, and already knows how to turn on the charm :)

everyone is obsessed with you and comments on not only how handsome you are, but how nice you are. i think those trait will stick with you for life! so happy we have you ♡

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